Clit Hood Piercing

This first little story is of my clit hood piercing, in November of 96. I sent this story to Body Modification Enzine (a link you can find in my favorites).

I got my clit hood pierced about 6 months ago. Before then I would never have even thought of doing it, much less imagined myself getting it done. I am the classic mom type. 4 kids, stays at home. Does little league and scout stuff. Heck the truth be told, I thought anyone that got any holes put in their bodies was nuts. Not because I had something against it just I have a huge fear of needles. And I couldn't see paying someone to poke a hole in my body.

However 6 months ago, my life changed a great deal. I started in a D/s relationship. My Master spent the better part of 6 months talking me into it, and I would say that it was the jumping off point for our relationship becoming a 24/7 lifestyle instead of just the occasional play. Heck I can truly say I have never done anything to my body for a relationship, and there I was doing something I thought I would never do. He likes to remind me with a laugh that I just kept saying never, and then it was well I don't think so, then maybe, then finally yes.

When I finally did say yes, we didn't race right out and do it. He took his time and let the anticipation build. Told me he would take me when the time was right. One Sunday morning while lazing in bed... he decided now was a good time for an old fashion spanking. Which I loved, and so did he. After it was done, it was time to go shopping. So I dressed carefully... because my bottom was still tender and red. I put on a loose shirt and long skirt.

Once out of the house and away from the kids... we decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch at an Italian place. During the meal he pulled a business card out of his wallet, sliding it across the table to me. On the back of was written the name and address of the piercing place, just up the road. He asked me only one question, "Are you ready?" And with bright red cheeks, I could only whisper "yes." Finishing the meal was difficult, I kept thinking about what was coming. The fear and the anticipation were huge. I was having chills just sitting there.

We drove to the shop, a very nice clean place. He kept telling me I could change my mind, I didn't have to do this now or ever if I didn't want to. But I did want to. For him, for me too, take that walk on the wild side. The only thing odd about the place was the appearance of the workers there.

As you can imagine, there were a great many holes pierced in them, and those were only the ones I could see. I had never run into people with this type of jewelry at the PTA meetings.

I filled out all the forms. We decided on a 12 gauge barbell, since they were all out of 14, and I couldn't even stand the idea of having to come back on another day. It had to be today!! It would be a vertical hood piercing. Now it was time to wait our turn. Oh lord, I was so scared I could feel the beat of my heart in every part of my body. My Master was sweet and gentle, holding my hand, telling me I could still change my mind and that it would be okay.

Finally it was my turn. With my Master at my side, I went into one of the rooms. Seated on a stool there was the man who was going to do this to me. He looked like a clean cut good guy. He was getting all the stuff ready, taking things out of plastic packages. I just stood there, looking at the table with the stirrups, totally unsure what to do. The man looked up at me, and said whenever you are ready. I let out a nervous laugh, and said well I don't know, I haven't ever done this sort of thing before, you will have to tell me what you want me to do. He said okay, take off all your clothing from the waist down, get on the table. Okay simple I thought. I had 4 kids, been on this kind of table a hundred times. My only concern for embarrassment was that I knew my butt was still red from the mornings spanking. I kept my front to the man. My Master had taken a chair next to the table, and watched with a big grin as I turned red taking down my skirt and panties.

I was soon laying as requested on the table. He asked did I want the numbing stuff and I said "oh you bet!!" anything to kill some of the pain. I am not sure now that I would have said yes, because that numbing stuff burned. But soon I couldn't feel a thing in or around my clit. My Master stood next to me holding my hands, gazing lovingly in my eyes.

First there was the clamp, which I couldn't feel at all. Then he told me there would be a sharp quick stab. I prepared my mind as best I could. I felt the needle go though my skin. Jumping on the table, but trying my best to keep breathing, and not move too much. Then it was time for the jewelry itself. This turned out to be the worst part. I could feel the threads on the bar bell crab at the raw flesh on the inside. I bit my lip and held on for dear life as he pushed it the rest of the way through. Then a ball was put on both ends, and it was done. Something that had taken me 6 months to decide only took 3 mins to do. He asked me if I wanted to see it... I said no! I would have the rest of my life to look at this, I just wanted to get out now. I got up from the table, put my clothing back on and headed out the door, with all the instruction on how to care for it, all the do's and don'ts.Clit Hood Piercing

I got in the car. All I could think was I wanted a drink of soda, my mouth felt dry, and I wanted a smoke really bad too. My nerves were so rattled. I couldn't believe what I had just done. But I had already noticed how different my clit felt, getting that little extra rub from the balls on either end.

We decided to go to a movie, because I couldn't face going home to the kids quite yet. I needed time to calm down and quit shaking from all the stuff I had put myself though.

All through the movie, I found myself shifting around. Crossing and uncrossing my legs. It felt incredible already and nothing was being done to it, and it didn't even hurt now either. It healed totally in about a month. I only had to be careful not to hit it too hard or pull it, that was the only pain that I felt that first month. And after that, it hasn't given me any trouble. But it wasn't a problem to carry on normal things (bathroom chores and what not) within a week. To tell you the truth I wasn't supposed to have sex for a week after but I didn't wait that long. And it did add a new dimension to the experience. It made orgasms go off every time like fire works. Just the act of rubbing up against it made my heart pound. As a matter of fact, just putting on tight jeans is an exciting experience. It is less sensitive now, I don't feel quite so out of control with it. Like at the beginning, I thought I would cum just from moving to fast in jeans. Now at least I can control how I deal with it.

A few weeks back, my Master sent me off to the piercing shop again. This time to have the size of the balls on the barbell increased. I wasn't nervous this time, felt totally fine with it. And the nice staff took care of it for a minimal charge. And once again my jeans became my best friends. For awhile I was walking around wet all the time, since the larger bead was rubbing even more on my clit. This little piece of jewelry has added some incredible things to my life.

Heck the conservative mom of 4 is loving going through her life, knowing that all these people couldn't even guess what I had under my pants. I love what it has done for my sex life. It was great before, now it is just plain incredible.

And once again my Master has been working on me, but this time it will be my nipples that I get pierced. He is building up the anticipation and I am nervous all over again about it. But really excited too. I just have to wait for him to tell me it is time now. Wow!! Can't hardly wait!! What a difference the right person and some time can make in your life.

I am glad to say that all this time later... that piercing is still a very good thing!! The clit hood piercing was to represent my Master taking on the role of Master.

It is 2001 now, and the hood is still the best $50 we ever spent. We did try an experiment awhile ago. Master got me some new jewelry for the hood. It was one of those door knocker things with the ring on the top and a bead at the bottom. It all went in okay but after a few weeks with the new jewelry I found I didn't like it too much. The jewelry was a bit longer and the bead on the top smaller so it slipped down further and instead of sitting up nicely and making me happy it pressed on the flesh and seemed to be stretching the skin on my clit. Made for an tender and unhappy slave. I asked Master if we could please switch it back and he did, I am back to being a happy camper!!

Should you ever find yourself wondering if this would be a good choice for you, I can't answer that. I have known friends who didn't enjoy it at all, who got no pleasure from having it. On the other hand I still think it was money well spent so I guess like most things it is a risk but hell that is what life is all about.

2009…yep all the above is still true!